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Eighty years of experience support our job, non-stopping to improve our strategies year after year. Professionalism and collaborative perspective from each one of our work team members.

80 Years of experience

Comprehensive solutions

Business experience

Comprehensive legal protection

Focussing strategy

Comprehensive legal protection

The firm rules over the highest professional standards. We offer our clients innovative comprehensive and convenient comprehensive solutions, with a precautionary and strategic advice.


We elaborate business strategies for your enterprise with the purpose for you to have a clear and strategic action plan for your goals achievement. Professionalism and  initiative.

Legal multidiscipline

Comprehensive solutions

Always committed to surpass our clients expectations. Committed to provide high quality legal services.

Our Services

Our firm look up to preserve the excellence and provision of legal services and keep being one of the leaders on the legal field, participating on relevant operations on all its areas of specialization.

Bufete Fuentes León

Fuentes León Law firm

Our firm is focus on keeping the excellence of our services and continuing being leaders in the legal world, participating in important operations in all the practice areas.